Episode 3 – 3 Clever Steps for Taking Your Offline Business Online

Are you struggling to work out how to take your successful offline bricks-and-mortar business online?

Does the thought of having to now manage social media on top of your already busy work day make you want to bury your head in the sand?

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.17.09 PMIf you answered “YES” to the above 2 questions, have no fear episode three is here! On today’s episode we discuss with Zoe Clifton, from The Blanket Box, a local Geelong craft and sewing machine retailer, the most efficient way, to consolidate your social media efforts when you own more than one business. We’ve got a great tech tool, to share later in the show, that will provide you with access to a global online marketplace, that offers tasks and services for as little as $5 a job!

But first, sit back and enjoy episode 3 of SME TV!

Ok so what did we learn from this week’s episode:Having up to date tools makes such a difference to your online efficiencies.

  1. Websites should no longer be hard to update and maintain, when they’re built on universal platforms such as WordPress
  2. A lot of energy and effort can be wasted on trying to think about what to say on social media on a daily basis, when a mapped out, 30-day content calendar could eliminate this. You start to become more proactive rather than reactive when you have a plan of attack.
  3. Consolidate before growing. There is no use trying to grow an online business, if its current foundations aren’t stable.  Find out if your current website meets today’s online standards and if it doesn’t, spend the necessary time and money upgrading it so you do see a positive return on your investment.

Well that’s it from SME TV this week. We sincerely hope you gained some valuable social media tips that you can apply immediately into your business. We’d love to hear from you. What learning’s from this episode are you going to apply, in your business?

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So until next week, may your social media news be great news, bye for now!

Kylie xx