Episode 4 – 5 Critical Components 95% of Businesses Don’t Do Online

Are you making the same online mistakes that 95% of all small businesses in Australia are making?
Would you love to get your hands on a proven success strategy for succeeding online?

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 6.47.50 PMThis week’s episode of SME TV has social media marketing gold dripping from it’s seams!
On today’s episode we get to chat with an absolute authority when is comes to succeeding on the social web. Karl Morris, MD from Goop Websites spills the beans on what it really takes to succeed with social media and the mistakes most businesses make, when leaping online.

We’ve got a great tech tool, to share later in the show that will help you schedule and automate your social media posts.

But first, sit back and enjoy episode 4 of SME TV!

Ok so what did we learn from this week’s episode:

  1. You don’t need a website, you need customers and the way you get customers is by having a well constructed website that compels the visitor to pick up the phone.
  2. You need a strong online foundation, such as having a well constructed website, that includes a blog, a newsletter and of social media channels and don’t forget YouTube (the 2nd biggest search engine)
  3. Having specific and measurable results, that, that you can measure, you can manage

Well that’s it from SME TV this week. We sincerely hope you gained some valuable social media tips that you can apply immediately into your business. We’d love to hear from you. What learning’s from this episode are you going to apply, in your business?

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So until next week, may your social media news be great news, bye for now!

Kylie xx