Episode 5 – How to Take Your Social Media from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Are you frustrated by all the effort you’re putting into your social media channels but not getting much traction from your action?

Would you love to learn a simpler way to take your social media from ordinary to extraordinary?

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.07.21 PMOn today’s episode we get to chat with the ever talented Mardi Falconer from Geelong’s leading functions, catering and event management business, Truffleduck, who is really nailing it, when it comes to social media success. We find out what changes they made, that took their social media from ordinary to extraordinary.

We’ve got a great tech tool, to share later in the show that will eliminate the need for you to pay big bucks for small design jobs.

So grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy episode 5 of SME TV!

Ok so what did we learn from this week’s episode:

  1. Build it and they will come, only happens in the movie. You need a strategic plan that you execute against frequently and consistently.
  2. People are attracted to bright, shiny objects and that good quality photos attract a higher level of engagement than just posting words.
  3. You can gain a lot of traction from interacting with other businesses who are looking to attract a similar fan base as your business.

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So until next week, may your social media news be great news, bye for now!

Kylie xx