Features of Friends with Benefits


Activities Included

Practical exercises and activities included at the end of each chapter.


E-Learning Training Program

An accompanying e-learning training program is available if you want to dive deeper into Facebook.


Tech Tools

A list of clever tech tools you can use to increase your Facebook effectiveness.



Bonus 30-day content and editorial calendar template.


Facebook Support Forum

Opportunity to join for free, my Facebook Support Forum to answer any questions you may have.


Real Life Examples

Real life business examples you can adapt and apply in your own business.


About the author

Businesses seeking to carve out their market share in the age of social media have a powerful ally — Kylie Bartlett.
The self-driven businesswoman, international public speaker and author, thrives on demystifying social media for online newbies.

Better known as the ‘Web Celeb’, Kylie helps start-ups, small businesses and corporates, to become ‘web famous’ in their industry. A pro on the public speaking circuit, Kylie has trained, coached and inspired more than 1,000 businesses globally on how to leverage the power of the social web.

Other Programs by Kylie

Facebook Business Boot Camp e-Learning Program teaches you, step-by-step, how to get you “Facebook fit” and kicking winning goals in your business

Kylie Bartlett is the absolute authority on growing businesses with Facebook. She manages to not only spill the beans and give you a powerful strategy to follow, but also inspires you to take action and do it. Hats off to you Kylie.

- Andrew Griffith, Australia's #1 Small Business Author www.andrewgriffiths.com.au
So often social media books deal with the theory and leave you with little idea of where to start. Not Kylie Bartlett's book - you get your hands well and truly dirty and come away with ideas and campaigns you can immediately implement in your business. A book with benefits indeed!

- Peita Diamantidis www.deltaplan.com.au
I love Facebook but I don't love trying to work out how to get the most out of it. After reading Kylie's book I not only get it, but I'm able to help my clients use Facebook too. I now run global challenges on Facebook all thanks to Kylie's clever marketing strategies. The best part of the book for me was being able to implement my new learnings immediately via the exercises included at the end of each chapter.

- Rosemary Shapiro-Liu www.triplewin.com.au
Before reading Kylie's book I questioned whether it would be one of those books that outlined all the benefits of Facebook but with minimal content because the next logical step would be selling the reader into another program that promised to teach you what Facebook can do for you and your business. I quickly realised that Kylie's book was different; it's full of content, practical examples and implementation strategies. No Fluff, no Hype, just valuable content, content, content!

- Dympna Kennedy www.creatingbalance.com.au

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