Episode 6 – How to Build a Raving Fan Base with Social Media

Are you frustrated that your fans aren't engaging enough with your social media posts? Would you love to learn how to build a raving fan base that love and buy from you?   On today’s episode we get to chat with fashion/home-ware retailer Amanda Jane from Eclectica who shares with us some great lessons around why it doesn’t pay to be … [Read more...]

Episode 5 – How to Take Your Social Media from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Are you frustrated by all the effort you're putting into your social media channels but not getting much traction from your action? Would you love to learn a simpler way to take your social media from ordinary to extraordinary? On today’s episode we get to chat with the ever talented Mardi Falconer from Geelong’s leading functions, catering and … [Read more...]

Episode 4 – 5 Critical Components 95% of Businesses Don’t Do Online

Are you making the same online mistakes that 95% of all small businesses in Australia are making? Would you love to get your hands on a proven success strategy for succeeding online? This week's episode of SME TV has social media marketing gold dripping from it's seams! On today's episode we get to chat with an absolute authority when is comes … [Read more...]

Episode 3 – 3 Clever Steps for Taking Your Offline Business Online

Are you struggling to work out how to take your successful offline bricks-and-mortar business online? Does the thought of having to now manage social media on top of your already busy work day make you want to bury your head in the sand? If you answered "YES" to the above 2 questions, have no fear episode three is here! On today’s episode we … [Read more...]

Episode 2 – How to Intergrate Social Media into Your Overall Marketing

Do you feel like your social media efforts are a bit all over the shop? Are you struggling to make your social media posts stand out and get noticed online? If you answered "YES" to the above 2 questions, have no fear episode two is here! On today’s episode we get to chat with Award Winning Winery Owner, Lyndsay Sharp from Jack Rabbit … [Read more...]