Turn Facebook ‘Likes’ Into Buyers


  • Do you have a Facebook Business page but struggling to get people to like it?
  • Would you like to learn how to turn your ‘Likes’ into buying customers?

Facebook Shopping CartOk so you’ve gone and launched a Facebook page for your business, but now what? How do I attract ‘likes’ who ultimately buy from me, is the question on every business person’s lips.  The most effective way of telling the world you’ve ‘gone social’ on Facebook, is to wrap a launch party (campaign) around it, in the form of a competition sweepstakes, where people go in the draw to win a prize, for liking your new Facebook page. Think of it a bit like a house warming party, this is your opportunity to invite your customers and friends over to check out your new ‘virtual’ home!

Step 1: Consider What Prize You’re Going to Give Away

The first thing you must consider is what item you’re going to give away, as the prize. I see many businesses, enticing people to enter their Facebook competition, to go in the draw to win an ipad, for example.  Unless you’re an Apple re-seller; this prize is pointless and won’t turn the competition winner into a long-term paying customer. You need to pick a prize that you sell so the customer gets to experience your brand, making them more likely to shop and buy from you in the future.

Step 2: Decide on The Competition Rules

Secondly, you must decide on the competition rules. Facebook are very strict on how you go about running a competition and can shut your page down if the rules are broken. PrizeYou can’t ask people to ‘like’ your Facebook page, to go in the draw to win a prize. You must use authorised 3rd party applications that abide by Facebook’s promotional guidelines. I recommend checking out Short Stack, they have a great array of approved applications to choose from.

Get really strategic with your conditions of entry. Let me give you an example. I have a client who owns a jewelry store and he wanted to give away a $1,000 diamond ring.  We made the condition of entry, that you had to go to his website, find the name of his signature ring (which we strategically placed, on the last page of his website) and include the name on the online entry form. What this meant is that as people were trying to find the name of the ring, they were also viewing and purchasing his gorgeous jewelry, along the way.

Step 3: Remember to Communicate With Entrants After the Competition Ends

email-marketing21Thirdly, make sure you communicate with the entrants, after the competition ends, via email or direct mail campaigns. The great thing about using 3rd party applications is you get to obtain the entrants contact details.  Facebook is great for attracting ‘likes’ and fans but in essence all you’re really doing is ‘renting a crowd’ (Mark Zuckerberg and his shareholders own the database).  Look for ways in which you can continue the conversation with the entrants, outside of Facebook, which is increasing your businesses good will and value, instead of just Facebook’s.

Step 4: Competition Promotion

And lastly, don’t forget to promote your competition, both on and offline. Consider running Facebook ads promoting the competition, make a condition of entry that the entrant has to share the competition on their Facebook wall, so all their friends see it, pop signage up in your bricks and mortar store encouraging shoppers to enter.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to turning Facebook ‘likes’ into buyers!

If you’d like some assistance creating and launching a Facebook competition for your business, drop us a line, we’d be only too happy to assist you.

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Kylie Bartlett – The Web Celeb
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