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Keynote Speaking

If you’re looking for a professional keynote speaker with spunk, who’s a pro on the speaking circuit, I’m your woman!

I’m better known these days as the ‘Web Celeb’, teaching SMEs, entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporates how to become WEB FAMOUS in their industry.  I’ve  trained, coached and inspired more than 1,000 businesses globally on how to become socially savvy on the web.

I thrive on demystifying social media and the web for online newbies

One of the ways I work towards this is by sharing my passion for business and social media at various speaking gigs, conferences and events.

I draw on my rags-to-riches life story and success as the creator of a globally recognised personal brand online to deliver a fascinating array of keynote topics, such as:

  • Small BIG Business – How to Profit From the Small Business Boom
  • Serves You Right – Why we Must Stop Selling and Start Serving to Build Customer Loyalty in the New Economy
  • Game On – How to Build Customer Engagement by Gamifying Your Social Media
  • Brand YOU 2.0 – How to Use Social Media to Build a Profitable Personal Brand
  • Socialise Your Enterprise – How to Sell Socially in the Digital Age
  • Operation Social – How to Successfully Launch into the Social Media-Sphere

Download my Speaker Kit below!

Outlined below are a series of images that form part of my Speaker Kit.