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Pimp out Your Public Profile Mentoring Program

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Building a profitable public profile doesn’t just happen from becoming “famous” or being recognised in your industry; it takes clever planning and a bulletproof execution strategy.

Over the past 2 years I have personally mentored hundreds of media personalities, sports stars and high profile business leaders to re-position and re-package their public profile and “celebrity status” so that it becomes more visible, scalable and profitable.

To profit from your public profile, you need:

  1. Personal Brand – owning a powerful personal brand helps shape how the world perceives you and the value you provide.
  2. Products – turn your public profile and expertise into a series of hot, in-demand products that the public will pay top dollar for.
  3. Platform – use the social web to expand your brand and build a raving fan base, turning your social influence into social currency.
  4. Presentation – break into the lucrative speaking circuit by turning your personal and business story (your claim-to-fame) into a signature keynote presentation.
  5. Publicity – keep current and stay front of your target market’s mind by regularly appearing in the media as a commentator and go-to-guru in your industry.

I will mentor and teach you why TV celebrities like Michelle Bridges are worth 60 million dollars whilst the other Biggest Loser trainers pale into insignificance.  Michelle’s success has nothing to do with being the best personal trainer in the fitness industry; it has everything to do with how cleverly she planned and executed the 5 key steps that form part of my ‘Pimp out Your Public Profile’ Mentoring Program.

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